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Private Label Resell Rights

What Are Private Label Rights?

Private Label Rights refer to content, often in the form of eBooks or Articles, which can be freely copied, edited, and/or changed in anyway you choose. This is perfectly legal since Private Label Rights have been granted by the original author

What You Can Do With Private Label Rights?

When you purchase material which carries Private Label Rights, you are given a license to do just about anything you want with the orignal product

The kind of things you can do with Private Label Products include:

  • Changing the text of the orignal product
  • Editing the text anyway you wish
  • Adding affiliate links to relevant products
  • Putting your name on the product as the author
  • Entering your web address in the product
  • Editing the graphics, and sales pages of the product
  • Packaging the product together with other products, and selling say 5 or 10 items together as a set
  • Changing the title of the product, and rewriting the product into your own work

What Do You Get With A Private Label Product?

A Private Label Product usually comes complete with the source document in either Word or Text format - sometimes both. You can then simply edit the document anyway you choose, and re-compile into an adobe acrobat PDF format for example. Obviously you can put it into whatever format you choose. You will also often be provided with sales pages, graphics, website headers and eBook covers etc. If you want to sell the product "as is" or with limited editing, then you are free to go ahead and do so, simply by uploading the files to your webspace

Reselling Private Label Products

Private Label Rights also some with Resell Rights as well. This means you are free to sell the product on to anyone you choose. You could upload all the files and sell it from your website for example. The best thing about Resell Rights is when you can sell the product and keep all the money. This can be a very good buisness which is very easy to run. There is a bit of work required in uploading the sales pages and other files to your webspace, but once this first investment in time is done, you can just literally sit back and wait for people to pay you. Remember you get to keep all the money, so apart from your hosting space, there are virtually no expenses much to worry about

What Topics Are Covered By Private Label Rights?

Private Label Rights are available on just about any topic you can imagine. The best thing is that most of the products are brand new i.e. you are not selling some old hat eBooks, that have been around for years and years, and which don't have very much content anyway. There are lots of brand new Private Label Resell Rights coming on stream every month. In fact so many that I find it hard to get them all on my site fast enough!

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  • How to use Private Label content on your website
  • How to compile plain text files or MS Word documents into adobe acrobat PDF files
  • How to advertise your products
  • What affiliate links to include
  • How to add your website information into the product
  • Lots lots more

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